Partner pricing

Our partners benefit from multi-year LEI applications and the lowest cost LEI registration on the market.

Period Price per year
1 year
50.00 EUR
50.00 EUR / year
2 years
95.00 EUR 5.0 %
47.50 EUR / year
3 years
135.00 EUR 10.0 %
45.00 EUR / year
4 years
170.00 EUR 15.0 %
42.50 EUR / year
5 years
200.00 EUR 20.0 %
40.00 EUR / year

Whats included in the price

Although our pricing is among the lowest on the market, there is still a lot included in it.

LEI Management platform

A true all-in-one LEI Management platform so you can have a clear overview of your LEI codes.

Unimited Support

Our account managers make sure that all of your needs are met.

Free updates

In case anything changes on your legal entity, changes are at no extra cost.

API Integration

Ability to integrate your system with our API endpoint to ensure seamless registration.

Reseller tools

Solution for LEI code resellers and affiliates to set up LEI business worldwide.

Reports & Analytics

Keep track of your LEI codes performance or reseller commission results.

Free certificate

You can request an electronic LEI Certificate for all of you LEI codes.

Flexible payments

On demand credit card or invoice based monthly payment options available for our partners.

Need a pricing plan tailored for high volumes?

Contact our sales team to get a personal price offer. Please also specify
approximate registration or transfer volumes.